Site Speed Optimization

What is Site Speed Optimization ?

Site Speed Optimization is optimize site to load faster in any browser.
When we make the site loading fast , web site visitors are happy to browse the site.
Also this helps to get good rank in SEO also.   Search engine loves fast loading sites and give high ranks to them.

Site Speed Optimization Online Tools.

Site Speed Optimization Plugins.

Site Speed Optimization methods
Sprites for common small images.
Reduce number of Javascripts files.
Reduce number of CSS files.
Minify possible javascript files.
Use AJAX to load complex fragments.
Compress text files (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) on-the-fly with gzip.
Tableless design for possible components.
Load on-demand Javascripts.
Open multiple connections using different sub-domains to load page resources (images/js/css etc) .
Images Serve From Cookieless Domain for static images

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