Here is a way to get thousands of visitors per day . This guy can write a book called this is how I get millions of traffic per day.
But it is up to you to decide whether it is cheating, black hat ,grayhat or unethical.

Dirty Secret revealed .

“watch movies” keyword is very competitive and there are lots of searches being done daily. It’s nearly 1,219,980 per month.
So I you get in to the first pageĀ  in Google , you will be flooded with huge traffic.

“streaming movies” search 60,480/month.

“watch movies” key phase is number 2 in Google SERP.
“streaming movies” key phase is number 1 in Google SERP.
Can you imagine how much they get from only these 2 keywords.

This site is earning a lot from affiliate marketing.

Here are my findings : and few others do this trick .
They used some plugin that comes for dotnetnuke cms system.
When webmasters install that plugin , it place hidden links to these movie site with targetted keywords in anchor tags.
Most of these DotNetNuke sites are having good google page rank.
So automatically get good page rank, good inbound links .
But those site owners may not know that they have places links to external sites.
Because javascript that included in that code , hide the link to users.
When we disable javascript in the browser , we can see it

Here are my questions

Does Google allow this ?
Does site owners know about this?
Is this ethical ? white hat seo or blackhat SEO?
Does Dotnetnuke Knows about this?

Pls. watch the video .

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