How to write articles that index and get top ranked in Google/Yahoo/Msn

Benefits of article writing.

You can make your free traffic source to your site.
You can promote your our product or affiliate product free of charge.
Earn millions.

Write few articles about any subject(niche) that you have already familiar .

Following qualities should be exist in the article.
At least it should be more than 250 words. Because some article directories doesn’t approve short articles.
It should consist of
Introduction – Introduction about your topic.
Details  – About what do you need to say to readers
Summery  – Summery of above details section
End  – conclusion

Article should be easily understandable, simple English that can be read and understand any reader around the globe.
Also article should be meaningful and should contain some new ideas that useful to users.

There are lots of articles publish daily to the websites . So what should we do to get top ranked your article.
Definitely you should have clear idea about what you write and targeted keywords in that article.

When you choose a keyword or key phase to optimize within the article , you should  be able to repeat at the correct time
at the correct place. Also you should not repeat the targeted keyword/key phase too much. That we called keyword spamming.
If you spam the keyword, your site/page will be banned or getting lower rank in search engines.

Do not try to copy and past paragraphs from others articles. Unique content is the key to success.
Also remember to put copyright notice in the footer. You can check if your article or a part of the article being
copied by other on their web pages using  .

Article writing is only the beginning of the whole process.

Below are the next steps.

Article optimization – Article title,heading , content , tags optimization.
Ways of popularize your article -  convert to pdf ,article directories , file share
Ways to reach lots of audience – Multilingual
Article marketing – social marketing , unique article selling to other webmasters

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