Hidden money machine that you keep ignore, Already you missed the chance.

I have several blogs. last couple of years I faced lots of issues because of forum spammers.
I get hundreds of forum comments daily. All from spammers . They try to put their site link
to the comments. So I delete those from the admin panel daily.

Last couple of years it was a headache for me. But suddenly I realize the value of those comments.

Those people are like rats that we need to put traps. Our traps are the blogs. So they trap daily but we didn’t use it.
Do you know how can we utilize those spammers.

I have analyzed those data. So I found that those spammers are big market for us.
They are desperate advertisers that tried every possible marketing method to get good traffic to their site.
But they are not successful.Because every forum has approval mechanism, there ate very few use auto approval process.
Whey the keep on putting comments without checking whether we approve their comments.

They try every possible way to get traffic, but they never look back whether it was successful or not.
You just need to market any traffic generate product to them.

Here are the things that I have tried.

Auto social bookmaker software.
SEO software
Ebooks that contains the methods of getting good traffic etc.

If you don’t have your own products, just register in clickbank , you can earn money by selling it.

Those products convert well since they are looking for those type of traffic generate methods. So they are targeted

So first you need to extract email addresses from comment. You may see some of email addresses are repeating , and some are invalid.
So you need to clear those before you send marketing emails to them. First you should get first 50 emails, send marketing mails from your gmail or yahoo.
Check the conversion, you will see the difference by your selves.

When this keep going in the future , I hope to develop a wordpress plugin to extract commenter email address easily .That plugin itself gives you a good source of traffic and
inbound links. If you are able to develop, this is time for it.

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