SEO expert company is a website which specializes in search engine optimization . We do provide seo services such as seo tools ,seo tips ,seo research results and seo consultancy .

Our SEO experts are always ready to provide help for the new webmasters. SEO technology is the latest trend on the web. Because it helps webmasters to drive natural targeted SEO traffic to the site. In this site we are planning to give seo books in the near future.

We are testing different types of seo techniques using our sample sites. We share those seo experiments and results with you all. Mainly we target large search engines like google,yahoo and msn. Our ultimate goal is to provide accurate seo tips to you to build a perfect seo friendly website with 100% seo traffic.

Our main research areas are ,

checking the impact of

* Meta tags
* Title tag
* Keyword density
* robots.txt
* W3c standards
* Inbound links
* Link popularity
* Outbound links
* Google page rank
* Google/Yahoo/MSN xml sitemap
* Page size
* Clean URL with Mod-Rewrite
* SEO Articals
* Page loading speed
* Cross browser compatibility

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ? SEO is your website make more visible/crawler friendly to the search engines. Not only visible/crawler friendly, but also give the search engine more accurate and relevant information about your web pages.

You can create many websites with simple HTML and make it crawler friendly. But if you couldn’t mention the importance of your pages, your page might display at the last page of the search engine. There are very few users surf second to the last page of the search engines (SE). Many website visitors end up with sites that are in the first page of the SE. Search engine optimization is the way to get top rankings in search engines.

Your first target should be at least appear in the top ten results. But webmaster can do that. How is that ? you can put a search term which is very specific ,infrequent use .Then the probability of appearing in the first page is high. But you should contest with other competitor site for most frequently used search terms. For example when you search “seo expert company” in google, This site will appear in the first page . But not for “SEO” .For that we have to optimize in above mentioned areas.

We will practically prove how to do this. Those practical tests and results are publishing daily basis in this website. If you are a frequent visitor , you will get a clear benefits of these tips and results.